Our laboratory utilizes several methods to assess physical activity, energy expenditure and substrate oxidation including whole room calorimetry, doubly labeled water, and accelerometry.

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Whole Room Calorimeter

In many of our studies, we utilize our whole room calorimeter to measure 24 hour energy expenditure and substrate oxidation. This 12 ft x 12 ft space provides participants with all of the amenities needed to live comfortably for many days at a time.

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Doubly Labeled Water

Doubly labeled water (DLW) is a technique that allows us to assess energy expenditure in the free living environment. Our laboratory has over 20 years of experience in DLW methodology and have the capacity process samples collected by other laboratories.

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Physical activity monitors are devices that are worn on the hip or wrist. The monitors measure how much movement and what types of actvites someone performs during a period of monitoring, usually over a period of 7 days.