Ongoing Studies

Below are our ongoing studies that we are recruiting participants for.

PI: Ed Melanson
COMIRB #: 16-1479

The goal of the BATE3 study (NCT02927392) is to research how estrogen affects brown fat and resting metabolic rate. We are looking for healthy: pre-menopausal women (not pregnant or using contraceptives) OR postmenopausal women (no cycle within the last year).

PI: Ed Melanson*
COMIRB #: 16-2706

The goal of the Movement and Physical Limitations (Strath) study is to develop equations to measure physical activity using physical activity monitors in people with movement limitations. *Study being conducted in collaboration with Scott Strath, PhD (University of Wisconsin)

PI: Blankenship, Jennifer
COMIRB #: 18-0369

The goal of the ExerciZzz study (NCT04105218) is to learn more about how the time of day that you perform exercise influences sleep quality and fat metabolism overnight in adults with metabolic syndrome.

PI: Seth Creasy
COMIRB #: 18-1319

The goal of the WLM study (NCT03840733) is to determine whether the timing and consistency of sleep, food intake, and physical activity behaviors help with the prevention of weight regain following weight loss.

PI: Seth Creasy
COMIRB #: 19-2676

The goal of the TIC-TIC study (NCT04262115) to examine the feasibility and acceptability of randomizing adults with overweight and obesity to 16 weeks of supervised aerobic exercise training in the morning versus the evening. All exercise will take place at the Anschutz Health and Wellness Center. In addition to feasibility outcomes we will assess how the timing of exercise changes body composition, eating behavior, physical activity patterns, and sleep

PI: Sarah Purcell
COMIRB #: 19-1974

The goal of the Appetite and Exercise in Breast Cancer Survivors (EARNESt) study (NCT04300478) is to investigate the acute effects of resistance exercise (REx) on the hormonal and behavioral indices of energy balance regulation in breast cancer survivors.

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